Welcome to Planning, Design, and Construction!

The Office of Planning, Design & Construction (PDC) is committed to the strategic investment that is being made in enhancing UCR’s environment and capacity for learning and discovery, both through new construction and creative renovation of existing campus buildings and infrastructure. We are also committed to a sustainable campus at every level, including facilities, operations, student projects, curriculum and research. As we look to the eventual build-out of undeveloped land on the West Campus, we are committed to be the good stewards of the expansion opportunity of our professional and graduate schools including the School of Medicine.

The mission of the Office of Planning, Design & Construction is equally divided between the responsibilities for the planning, design of the campus and the management of construction in a way the respects the overall vision of the Physical Design Framework presented to The Regents. The fulfillment of that vision incorporates a campus that embodies a cohesive environment that is distinctly UCR.

The Office of Design & Construction is responsible for Project Management, Finance Administration, Contracts Administration, design and construction, repairs and Quality Assurance and Code Compliance on construction projects for the UC Riverside campus. Design & Construction has professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering, quality assurance and inspection services, design, environmental planning, construction contracts, and finance. Project Managers oversee schematic design, design development, construction drawings and construction of capital projects through construction delivery and post-occupancy assessment. We work as a project team with Capital & Physical Planning, Finance, Accounting, project stakeholders, campus representatives, design professionals, engineers, special consultants and construction contractors to deliver successful scope, scheduling and budget within the context of each capital project.

Campus Planning encompasses Capital Projects, Physical Planning, and Environmental

Planning supports the Riverside campus goals of teaching, research, patient care, and public service through both long-range and short-term planning for strategic use of campus physical assets.

Planning oversees the UCR capital program, including project approval coordination, space program development, and funding analysis. Prepare and advance campus land use planning to support the campus mission while maintaining or improving functionality, environmental quality, aesthetic values, and campus sustainability. Support real estate development, acquisitions, and leasing services through a variety of real estate mechanisms. Provide and maintain the campus GIS database to support planning, design, and construction initiatives, as well as other departmental and administrative needs.


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