Contracts Administration


Contracts Administration administers the design professional contract and construction contract process for the UCR campus, in compliance with UCR and UCOP Policy, and State and Federal Law to ensure minimal financial and legal risks to UCR, The UC Regents, and to satisfy the mission objectives of Planning, Design & Construction.

UCR conducts:
  • Formal competitive bidding for construction projects valued above $300,000 via public advertisement;
  • Informal competitive bidding for construction projects valued between $50,000 and $300,000;
  • and Either informal competitive bidding or negotiated contracting for construction projects valued at less than $50,000, as allowed by Code and UC policy.

    UC Riverside seeks participation from contractors, design professionals and consultants, including those that qualify as a small and diverse business, by providing them equal opportunity to compete for university contracting and consulting opportunities. Our program strives to promote small business development, enhance business knowledge and experience, foster increased business capacity and provide small businesses access to opportunities at UC Riverside.

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