The Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Facility (UTLF) project will construct an approximately 120,000 gross-square-foot building to provide UC Riverside with critically needed classroom, class laboratory, and studio space to allow campus to serve current and future undergraduate students.

Project Scope:

Program, design and construction of a new ~120,000 GSF building for undergraduate instruction


Project Timeline: 

Anticipated Start:
Programing Kickoff: November 2022

Anticipated Completion:
Fall 2026

PD&C Contact:

Project Planner: Melissa Garrety
tel: (951) 827-7376

Project Manager: Sarah Sabera-Turab
tel: (951) 827-5825

Project Working Group:

Ken Baerenklau, Associate Provost, Chair
Covadonga Lamar-Prieto, CHASS
Connie Nugent, CNAS
Huinan Liu, BCOE
Linda Walling, AS PRC